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Essex Insurance Partners


About Us

EIP specializes in helping you find the right solution for your financial needs. Whether it's individual retirement planning or voluntary benefits for your small business, EIP can develop a custom solution for you. Click on the appropriate icon above to learn more.


Voluntary Benefits

Essex Insurance Partners offers a complete line of voluntary employee benefits. As we all know, health insurance covers less and costs more than it did just a short time ago. These products are designed to help your employees with the rapidly increasing costs of serious illness or injury. They are provided through payroll deductions with no premium cost to the employers.




Tax Free Retirement Planning

Learn how to get tax-free growth (potentially at double digits), tax-free income with no risk of market loss and tax-free access to your money at any time without penalties. Essex Insurance Partners can help put you in control of your money so you can enjoy retirement on your terms. Everyone wants a safe haven for their retirement money. If you qualify, you have just found one.




Insurance Products

We have the ability to shop more than 50 different life insurance companies in order to save you the most money on your life insurance coverage. That means more money in your pocket while enabling you to get more protection for your family.




Retirement Income

Estimating how large a nest egg you need to support you throughout a long retirement? If you underestimate how much savings you need or overestimate how much you can withdraw, you may run out of money while you've still got a lot of living to do. This is one of the biggest issues we come across with retirees nowadays. Let us sit down with you and discuss sound and very safe options for you and your family.